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Rittal ePocket
Innovation – Rittal

Enclosures into the cloud!

The same principles that apply to smart manufacturing processes apply to the operation of plants and machinery, too – these also need to be smart. With Rittal ePocket, Rittal and Eplan are now migrating the lifecycle files of panel and switchgear systems to the cloud. This is a major benefit for those responsible for machinery and plants and for panel builders, switchgear manufacturers and maintenance engineers.

Text Ulrich Kläsener, Hans-Robert Koch, Steffen Maltzan ––– Photography

The electrotechnical documentation and digital twin of a panel and switchgear system now have a new home. Rittal ePocket – the digital wiring plan pocket – is migrating to the cloud. Staff can use their smartphone or tablet to access up-to-date engineering information directly from the shop floor. The digital lifecycle file is replacing the folder of paper documentation and giving the staff responsible for plants and machinery new flexibility for operations and maintenance.

In other words, cloud plus digital instead of document folder plus analogue. The system is so simple, so logical and so good, that everybody benefits in some way – those responsible for machinery and plants, enclosure builders and maintenance engineers alike – because Rittal ePocket gives all these people easy access to consistent data that is always up to date. The digital lifecycle file for the panel and switchgear system answers all relevant questions staff in the broad field of operations might have.


- Always up to date throughout the entire lifecycle of a plant

- Rapid spare part procurement and repair in the event of a fault

- Unequivocal matching of the up-todate digital twin to the up-to-date real model with all components

- No more paper documentation required – significant reduction in CO2

- Prospect of enhancing the digital wiring plan pocket by adding information about the carbon footprint


Mann mit Laptop

Since late 2021, a space has been reserved in the Eplan cloud for every Rittal enclosure in the VX25, VX SE, AX and KX series. All project data relating to the enclosure, such as wiring plans, maintenance tables, certificates and manuals, can be stored here. Anyone who is authorised to do so can use the integral Eplan eView on their smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code on the enclosure to gain access to the data. Access from a desktop computer is also possible, so engineering modifications or maintenance can be consistently documented, for example, and project data can be updated. Rittal ePocket is being established as the digital hub of a new ecosystem, in which various stakeholders work together in a switchgear lifecycle.

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