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The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Experience AX enclosures for intelligent distribution substations

600,000 opportunities for the energy transition

The future of the energy (transition) is smart: Only a smart grid can guarantee the stability of the increasingly decentralised energy systems. However, the backbone of a successful energy transition is a robust electricity grid. Rittal offers the system solutions required to shape the transformation of energy supply, especially for the Energy & Power sector.

Experience Capturing complete building data using laser scanning

Home smart home

Enercon GmbH is Germany’s biggest manufacturer of wind turbines. The company uses cloud-based infrastructure on the Eplan Platform to design its electrical engineering equipment – making it one of the first users of such infrastructure anywhere in the world. This infrastructure facilitates cross-site, multi-user engineering and even helps attract new skilled workers. When it comes to automating the assembly of its own enclosures, Enercon puts its trust in solutions from Rittal and Rittal Automation Systems.

Innovation Eplan Platform 2024

Better project planning made simple

Today’s engineering software must guarantee holistic solutions and end-to-end data flows, and that’s exactly what you get with the tried-and-tested Eplan engineering platform. ­Available since September, the next generation offers new mathematical calculation functions, easier terminal management, unprecedented possibilities for navigating through the 3D model of the enclosure and simpler machine cabling.

Innovation Machine cabeling

Planning instead of guesswork

Every electrical engineering project requires a project template. Design engineers mostly develop this themselves, which can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Wouldn’t it be better to use predefined standards? Yes, says Tom Wolff, Head of Eplan Engineering Standard, in an interview with the German trade magazine “Konstruktionspraxis”. The ultimate aim is to be able to select and download a project and then simply get started!

Innovation Eplan Smart Mounting

A complete overview

The 2024 version of Eplan Smart Mounting makes manufacturing enclosures even simpler. The new dashboards now give production managers an overview of all orders so they can make the best possible use of their resources. The software also guides production staff step by step through the assembly of rails, cable ducts and electrical engineering components. Precise visualisation of the wiring is possible, too, thanks to Eplan Smart Wiring.

Innovation New Rittal fan-and-filter units

From fan to security guide

Fan-and-filter units are the most commonly used climate control solution. They offer a cost-effective alternative to cooling units in all sorts of scenarios where the ambient air can be used to regulate the temperature in the enclosure. Despite this, however, many customers don’t see them as innovative products that offer added value. We caught up with Claudia Christine Ronzheimer, Product Manager ­Cooling Technologies at Rittal, to talk about small, smart innovations that have a big impact – and we introduce the new generation of fan-and-filter units.

Innovation – Eplan Nationales Automuseum

The opening of the Nationales Automuseum has made waves.


New IT infrastructure at tyre manufacturing company


Industrial partnerships, such as the one between thyssenkrupp Steel, Andritz, Stahlo and Rittal, give rise to intelligent, innovative processes

Eco system in focus

Regulation / refrigerants

New rules of play for global product