The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Innovation – Rittal RiPanel Processing Center

Machine jobs at a click

For equipment manufacturers, the interplay between engineering and manufacturing processes is anything but trivial. Data that is relevant for manufacturing needs to be transferred to the relevant processes on machines on a project-by-project basis, which often involves a considerable amount of work and some “interface hurdles”. Help is now at hand with the RiPanel Processing Center from Rittal, a new job management tool for straightforward, centralised production planning. The benefits are being demonstrated in initial practical tests at Müller Schaltanlagen.

Innovation RiPanel – the new enclosure configurator

The price is live!

In the past, system planners and designers have had to search through parts lists to work out the costs of their newly planned enclosures. The new RiPanel configurator now makes their lives a lot easier, as they can clearly see live prices and alternative options throughout the entire planning and configuration process.

Experience – Platics Plastics in the procurement crisis

Materials expertise gets it done

“The order books are full, but the shortage of materials is stopping companies ramping up their production accordingly,” explains Klaus Wohlrabe, Head of Surveys at the Ifo Center for Macroeconomics and Surveys. This is especially true of the plastics industry. Thanks to its rigorously tested procedures for substituting materials, LKH opens up new ways out of the procurement crisis. Supply chains are safeguarded as a result.

Innovation – Rittal Blue e+ S cooling units from Rittal

Even more scope

As a general rule, the “low hanging fruit” will have been picked long ago. However, industry is constantly on the look-out for other ways to save energy. The enclosure cooling units from the Rittal Blue e+ S range are proof that there is still a fair amount of scope for energy savings. Prior to its market launch, the new development was put through its paces in the in-house production at Diehl Controls, the Wangen-based electronics specialist.

Experience – Information technology High Performance Computing

Green computing power at the fjord

Digitalization is giving a real boost to high performance computing – a sector that needs to be environmentally friendly, too. Providing lots of computer power, using lots of energy for servers and cooling, and staying in harmony with the environment – it’s a Herculean task for companies with ambitious climate targets. Mercedes-Benz Group AG and Infosys are now reconciling these needs by transferring particularly intensive data workloads to the Lefdal Mine Datacenter in Norway, one of the largest and greenest data centres anywhere in the world.

Salzgitter and Stahlo

Revolutionising steel industry

Information technology
Digital transformation at Lenze

Digitally map variant diversity in seconds

Experience VX25 Ri4Power switchgear for thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Tackling electrical arcing

Battery storage systems for electric charging stations

Rapid charging made easy

Experience – Information technology The Eplan Partner Network

Digital winners

Digital transformation is complex. Not every company has its own software specialists on hand for developing integration projects or data exchange connectors, forexample. Partnerships that work together to produce solutions to boost consistency are invaluable here – such as the Eplan Partner Network with members such as Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi and Festo. Both the partners and their customers reap the benefits in equal measure.

Innovation – Rittal METALWORKING

The Perforex MT milling terminal makes it possible.


LKH Kunststoffwerk

Get going

Stahlo Stahlservice

The steel sector is going smart

Rittal Service – replacing cooling units

One nice surprise after another

Rittal Energy & Power Solutions

Systematically shaping the energy revolution