The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Experience – Engineering Enclosures – fighting fit for the energy transition

Bring on the storms and heavy seas!

Offshore wind turbines are exposed to extreme conditions on the high seas and must reliably brave the elements for 25 years and more. This is no easy feat for the technology inside – or for system suppliers such as Rittal. The company supplies appropriate enclosure technology for today’s largest and most powerful wind turbines – and for many other renewable energy applications.

Experience – Information technology Rittal in Asia

48-hour delivery now available in China

The manufacturing industry in China is currently experiencing a historic new start. The focus is on modernisation. A key driving force for further development is the use of smart production technologies. Customers are also showing a growing appreciation of intelligent logistics services. In the third largest country on the planet, these services are becoming an increasingly important factor when it comes to boosting companies’ competitiveness and better meeting the needs of their customers.

Innovation One question:

Green transformation without PFAS – is it feasible, Sarah Bäumchen?

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems for Germany, Europe and the rest of the world, and combating increasing global warming is one of the most important tasks for our society. We are of the firm belief that we must face up to this challenge. The use of innovative technologies, especially from the electro and digital industry, is the vital key to protecting our climate while also safeguarding our prosperity.

Experience – Engineering Rittal and Beckhoff

Suddenly a mass producer

Can a switchgear manufacturer suddenly become a mass producer and handle large-scale production involving thousands of enclosures? It is unusual in a sector where small series and one-off systems are the norm. Beckhoff Automation is an exception, though. The automation and control technology specialist understands how to leverage the benefits of standardisation.

Innovation Engineering

À la carte for data centres

Simple selection, quick service! There is now a ready-configured Eplan project for data centres that provides a new efficiency boost when it comes to planning switchgear systems. The Industry Standard Project, developed jointly by Rittal mit Siemens, now makes it quick and easy to implement dependable power supplies for data centres that offer high availability.

Capturing complete building data using laser scanning

Home smart home

Innovation The power of energy

News around the world

The future of the energy (transition) is smart: Only a smart grid can guarantee the stability of the increasingly decentralised energy systems. However, the backbone of a successful energy transition is a robust electricity grid. Rittal offers the system solutions required to shape the transformation of energy supply, especially for the Energy & Power sector.

Teamwork – Commitment Nationales Automuseum

Racing from zero to a hundred in terms of popularity since it opened last year, Nationales Automuseum – The Loh Collection has become a new dream destination for car lovers and technophiles from all over the world. The museum now has a special exhibition dedicated to the legendary Ferrari brand and is also stepping up its commitment as an academic hub.