The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Teamwork – Commitment Donation for rebuilding in flood-hit area

€ 930,000 donation

The catastrophic flooding in parts of Germany caused destruction on a scale that is almost unimaginable. The owners and employees of the Friedhelm Loh Group were agreed: We want to help! They had soon collected 930,000 euros, the highest amount raised by any donation campaign in the Group’s history. Their donations will benefit aid projects and individuals alike.

Experience Rittal Service – replacing cooling units

One nice surprise after another

Opportunities for saving energy are everywhere, but which measures are practical and can be implemented on a large scale? Energy and environmental management staff ask themselves this question all the time. Even a saving that appears small at first glance can have a big impact, as demonstrated by the example of Viega, a world market leader in installation technology for sanitary facilities and heating systems.

Innovation – Cooperation Battery storage systems for electric charging stations

Rapid charging made easy

The automotive industry is making the switch. From Audi and Volvo to Fiat and Vauxhall, ever more manufacturers are committing themselves to a date for saying goodbye to internal combustion engine technology. However, there are still a number of obstacles to overcome on the path to electromobility. One of these is rapid charging. Commeo, Schulz Systemtechnik and Rittal are demonstrating how battery storage systems are the answer.

Experience – Energy Rittal Energy & Power Solutions

Systematically shaping the energy revolution

Just over a year ago, in October 2020, Rittal launched a dedicated business unit for the energy market. In doing so, it laid the groundwork for further expanding the company’s technical and sales activities in the growing energy sector. We spoke to Raphael Görner, who took over as the new head of the Energy & Power Solutions business unit in July.

Innovation – Rittal RiMatrix Next Generation

A cool modular solution

IT decision-makers and data centre operators need to respond to the growing computing, power and cooling requirements in data centres as quickly, flexibly and energy- efficiently as possible. That’s no easy task! RiMatrix Next Generation (NG) – the new IT infrastructure platform from Rittal – is the solution they are looking for. What does it involve and what makes cooling solutions so special?



Peak performance

Totally top!

The next generation at the Friedhelm Loh Group

Dedication to training

The new Eplan platform 2022

Focus on the digital future

Lifelong learning

Learning for the digital future

Experience – Information technology The Eplan Partner Network

Digital winners

Digital transformation is complex. Not every company has its own software specialists on hand for developing integration projects or data exchange connectors, forexample. Partnerships that work together to produce solutions to boost consistency are invaluable here – such as the Eplan Partner Network with members such as Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi and Festo. Both the partners and their customers reap the benefits in equal measure.

Innovation – Rittal METALWORKING

The Perforex MT milling terminal makes it possible.


LKH Kunststoffwerk

Get going

Stahlo Stahlservice

The steel sector is going smart

Direct current for a smart production

Powered by direct current

Software with system

The door-opener