The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Innovation – Eplan The new Eplan Plattform 2023

More room for manoeuvre

Frustrated! That’s how mechanical and plant engineers often report feeling when supply chain issues, missing parts and staffing bottlenecks interfere with their time-to-market. If everything could run smoothly right from the planning stage for a machine/plant, that would make a big difference. The new Eplan Platform 2023 is now ramping up the pace in engineering, boosting opportunities for collaboration and thus freeing up time to deal with any problems that may arise further down the line.

Innovation – Rittal IT and OT monitoring in data centres

New depth of focus in monitoring

A data centre must be reliable. It needs to remain effective, available and safe around the clock, while also being energy-efficient. A good overview of the entire IT and OT infrastructure’s status is therefore a must. This is now possible thanks to Rittal and Paessler, who are combining their solutions for IT and OT monitoring.

Experience – Energy Rittal cooling units

Cool when the heat is on

Soltau is something of a hotspot. When the ovens at Harry-Brot reach over 200 degrees Celsius, the bread rolls and loaves aren’t alone in feeling the heat. The company’s staff and equipment also work up a sweat. Despite a room air temperature of 45 degrees, everything needs to run like clockwork – excellent test conditions for the new Blue e+ cooling units from Rittal.

Innovation – Stahlo Stahlo SteelGate

Carbon tracking for green steel

Fossil-free steel is set to transform the markets. Initial quantities have already been announced and will be available in practice in two or three years’ time. The market lacks transparency, though, and there are currently still no uniform standards defining what constitutes green steel. With a blockchain application called “SteelGate”, Stahlo is now offering a way of boosting confidence in the new ecosystem of “green” supply chains.

Innovation Scheer PAS and German Edge Cloud

Where the future lies

Industry requires new methods. The goal is clear – faster digitalization of manufacturing processes, together with enhanced flexibility and agility when it comes to adapting production processes. At the same time, new applications need to be created directly on the shop floor with next to no programming. This isn’t just a futuristic vision – Scheer PAS and German Edge Cloud already offer an IIoT platformwith microservices and low-code technology.

Salzgitter and Stahlo

Revolutionising steel industry

Information technology
Digital transformation at Lenze

Digitally map variant diversity in seconds

Experience VX25 Ri4Power switchgear for thyssenkrupp Steel Europe

Tackling electrical arcing

Battery storage systems for electric charging stations

Rapid charging made easy

Experience – Information technology The Eplan Partner Network

Digital winners

Digital transformation is complex. Not every company has its own software specialists on hand for developing integration projects or data exchange connectors, forexample. Partnerships that work together to produce solutions to boost consistency are invaluable here – such as the Eplan Partner Network with members such as Rockwell Automation, Mitsubishi and Festo. Both the partners and their customers reap the benefits in equal measure.

Innovation – Rittal METALWORKING

The Perforex MT milling terminal makes it possible.


LKH Kunststoffwerk

Get going

Stahlo Stahlservice

The steel sector is going smart

Rittal Service – replacing cooling units

One nice surprise after another

Rittal Energy & Power Solutions

Systematically shaping the energy revolution