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Innovation – Rittal

Standardised technology is taking centre stage

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The use of renewable energies is increasingly becoming compulsory for data centre operators, and particularly for hyperscalers. A large data centre set up close to a wind or solar farm will benefit from clean energy that doesn’t need to travel far. However, there is another factor that could come to the fore in the future. Since data centres generate a lot of heat, it would make sense to build them close to infrastructures that can utilise that heat, such as hothouses and aquaponic facilities. When a data centre is equipped with water cooling systems, the warm water these produce, which reaches around 60 degrees Celsius, could be used to heat nearby buildings, for example. Green IT experts at the Borderstep Institute in Berlin have calculated that, in theory, a tenth of the heating requirements in Frankfurt – one of Germany’s data centre hotspots – could be met today using waste heat from local data centres.


Turnkey data centres in a container: Demand for CPU and storage capacity is rocketing, which means that more and more servers and storage systems are needed, while the floorspace available for IT infrastructure has barely changed. Turnkey data centres in a container – Rittal Data Cubes – offer an ideal solution. These standardised systems can be installed quickly and tailored to customer requirements.


Large hyperscalers such as Amazon (AWS), Google and Microsoft are making ever greater use of an open standardised technology for this kind of purpose. As a result, Open Compute has been catapulted to centre stage. Rittal is a member and technology driver in the Open Compute Project (OCP), which is redefining hardware and making it more efficient, flexible and scalable. Numerous technological pioneers have come together as part of the project to collaborate on dismantling the black box of proprietary IT infrastructures.

Where DC meets AC

The Open Compute Project (OCP) aims to reduce investment and operating costs, energy consumption and the environmental impact of data centres through fully standardised IT architectures. OCP is helping run homogeneous and scalable data centres, optimise IT cooling and achieve additional cost benefits in data centres. Rittal is a member of the OCP community and offers standardised racks in the current OCP design.

The aim is to achieve a wider selection, better adaptability and cost savings. Whereas, in the past, hyperscalers used sometimes very different technology in their various data centres, they are now focused on end-to-end harmonisation. One trend that addresses both the lack of space in data centres and the issue of energy consumption is the use of DC technology. This helps eliminate the use of bulky power packs while increasing energy efficiency.

Open Community

Rittal is a member of the OCP community

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