The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Experience – Information technology New IT infrastructure at tyre manufacturing company


A fire breaks out in the data centre – firefighters arrive on the scene and turn on their hoses. Within a matter of seconds, servers and IT infrastructure are all deluged with water – it’s an image IT administrators aren’t keen to dwell on. At Ralf Bohle, there’s no chance of flames taking hold in the server room. The Schwalbe bicycle tyre manufacturer has made safety and security a priority and opted for IT infrastructure from Rittal.

Innovation – Eplan Automation in plant engineering

How to ramp up speed

In mechanical and plant engineering the primary focus has long since shifted away from being “just” on product quality. It’s all about the process. It has to be simpler, more efficient and, most importantly, faster. The only way to achieve that is by ingeniously combining hardware and software, through digitalisation and automation. When companies need assistance with that, Eplan and Rittal can help right from the start, with their value chain consulting and engineering expertise and automation know-how.

Experience – Energy Rittal Service – practical tips for IT managers

Saving energy can be easier than you might think

Data centre operators are currently under huge pressure to cut energy consumption, but what practical steps can they take and what impact do these measures have? The Rittal Service team has some concrete suggestions. Besides the little “quick wins” that can be achieved just by adjusting the cooling parameters slightly, free cooling in particular can soon deliver measurable results.

Innovation – Cideon Process excellence thanks to Cideon interface

The direct route into the world of SAP

Using engineering data directly in SAP delivers process excellence and boosts performance. The ECTR interface between Eplan and SAP developed by Cideon has enabled RAMPF Production Systems GmbH & Co. KG to eliminate error sources while at the same time networking its engineering and business worlds.

Innovation – Cideon End-to-end configuration – from incoming orders to final delivery

Interface power

Companies are increasingly configuring products that have multiple variants, but this involves complex in-house mechanical and plant engineering processes. In many cases, CAD data is not factored in. When using Cideon Conify, sales configuration, automated CAD data, engineering-to-order and bills of materials now go hand in hand – the ideal combination of CONfiguration and CONnection.

Stahlo secures supplies of green steel

On a roll

Rittal opens its first Application Centers

Experience value creation live

Experience H2 Core Systems

Hydrogen is go!

Innovation Switching to web technologies

Composing instead of programming

Experience – Engineering AuCom opts for automation with Eplan and Rittal

A flying start

Can it be done in nine months? Nine months to build and supply 400 switchgear units containing soft starters for electric motors for one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Egypt – imagine doing that just two years after launching your own panel-building operations. That is no problem for AuCom Global Solutions! There was just one condition – extensive standardisation and automation.

Innovation – Eplan ENGINEERING

The new Eplan Platform 2023 is now ramping up the pace in engineering.


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The steel sector is going smart

Rittal Service – replacing cooling units

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Systematically shaping the energy revolution