The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Innovation B2B Influencer

The Influencers

Sharing, tweeting, posting, liking – experts in digital trends are playing an increasingly important role as influencers. They set the tone, operate independently and can take whole trade fairs by storm while offering advice on a uniquely personal level. How can companies put influencers to good use in the B2B domain?

Experience – Energy Energy Efficiency

Cool head, warm heart

Climate change is undoubtedly sweeping across the political agenda. Enough said? Not necessarily: “The need to protect the environment is not up for debate – but the question of how to do it is.” Finally, Nicola Salandini speaks truth to what has become a heated global debate.

Innovation – Eplan Fly high

Flying observatory

The SOFIA research aircraft records infrared radiation to keep a close eye on space. A solution from Eplan is now being used to provide the complex electrical engineering.



Peak power

Totally top!

Bauer Systeme

A far-sighted trio

Chindata hyperscale data centre

IT systems completed in record time

Plastics in automotive industry

Tailoring the process to the customer

Innovation How does Cideon recognizes a pattern in a noise?

Artificial Intelligence in Action

Whether machine learning, chatbots or automated guided vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) is breaking all the records in a whole range of fields. The Budarhals hydropower plant in Iceland is a perfect example of how AI can also generate added value for companies in the mechanical engineering sector.

Innovation – Rittal Edge computing

A solution by Rittal and Innovo Cloud shows how companies can adapt their IT landscape flexibly.


The Ri4Power System in Detail

Smart Powersystem

Stahlo enlarges in Gera

Smart move towards the east

Direct current for a smart production

Powered by direct current

Software with system

The door-opener