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The future of the energy (transition) is smart: Only a smart grid can guarantee the stability of the increasingly decentralised energy systems. However, the backbone of a successful energy transition is a robust electricity grid. Rittal offers the system solutions required to shape the transformation of energy supply, especially for the Energy & Power sector.



Hydrogen is considered central when it comes to the climate-neutral energy mix; however, its production is not entirely simple and consumes a lot of electricity. BluEnergy Revolution is a solution provider for water demineralisation and electrolysis. As robust and reliable components are required, the Italians use VX25 enclosures and AX compact enclosures from Rittal. Since they manufacture their systems for different areas of application, the enclosures they use must be flexibly adaptable. Therefore, the VX25 system is the perfect basis for the modular electrolyser called “MOSE”. The configuration was carried out using the Rittal RiPanel software, and VX25 enclosures house the BLUDEMI demineralisation units.




Electronic buses in service in Sofia since 2020

Electromobility is a big issue for urban transport operators worldwide In Sofia, 30 electric buses have been in service since 2020. They were put into operation by Stolichen Avtotransport, the public bus company of the Bulgarian capital. The buses come from Chariot Motors, while the fast-charging stations are from Gemamex Motion Co. The charging infrastructure consists of Rittal VX25 enclosures, specially assembled into a three-unit combination for Gemamex, the manufacturer of the fast-charging stations. The charging stations can charge both supercapacitor and lithium iron phosphate batteries and are designed for AC or DC power.



Danish food manufacturer Lantmännen Schulstad now relies on Rittal cooling units in its production facilities. The company is growing rapidly and still has older machines in its production. These systems are critical for production, and an optimal operating temperature could not be easily determined. Rittal's technical support found that the cooling was not sufficient to guarantee smooth operation. With the help of the online tool RiTherm the appropriate cooling output was calculated and a customised cooling solution was developed on this basis: So instead of the old units, Top Therm Blue e models with a total output of 1.50 kW now work in Lantmännen Schulstad's production halls.



Multi Chargepoint Solution GmbH (SMOPI) and Rittal have teamed up: For the outdoor use of the central unit of their charging infrastructure, the start-up is relying on Rittal solutions for protection against rain, sun, unauthorised access and vandalism. The company already uses the Rittal VX25 for installation in underground car parks, for example. In addition, Rittal recommended a VX stainless steel application for outdoor deployment, featuring a double mounting plate and a continuous roof plate. Due to the identical mounting plate, the interior installation is the same for outdoor and indoor use.



3,200 MW

of electrical power is transmitted via two parallel HVDC systems; in these, four converter stations are equipped with solutions from Rittal

Rittal’s ability to deliver high volumes was the deciding factor: The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), one of the world’s leading energy producers, is having Hitachi Energy equip four converter stations with a total of 608 VX25 enclosures. In the “Lightning” project, electricity from renewable energy sources in the mainland of the United Arab Emirates is to be connected to ADNOC’s offshore facilities. In the process, 3,200 MW of electrical power will be transmitted via two parallel HVDC (high-voltage/direct current transmission) systems.

1. Connection to alternating current mains / AC; 2. Connection to alternating current mains / AC; 3. Converter AC / DC converter; 4. Converter AC / DC converter; 5. Alternating current mains / AC; 6. Direct current cables / DC; 7. Alternating current mains / AC



Brazil now produces 80 percent of its energy from renewable sources such as hydropower, wind energy and biomass and with huge solar parks: photovoltaics are booming in South America. In order for solar energy to be used well and permanently, one needs, among other things, so-called string collectors. These are installed in appropriate housings that make safe operation possible. Brazilian-based Momberg Group specialises in the manufacture of high-performance string boxes under the product name TECBOX. The Brazilians are working closely with Rittal and EPLAN: Not only do they use the enclosures from the Rittal AX plastic series, the prototyping and machining of the enclosures is carried out using the Eplan Pro Panel software and the Perforex BC milling machining centre from Rittal Automation Systems. The Momberg Group also manufactures the TECBOX for large projects, for example for the implementation of a solar park together with Neoenergia, one of the largest energy suppliers in the country.


AX plastic enclosures ensure that the electrical technology in the solar park in Santa Luzia also ­functions even under demanding conditions. The project also includes Eplan software solutions.

To ensure the electrical engineering equipment works reliably in challenging outdoor conditions 600 of the new AX plastic enclosures from Rittal are being used. With their high IP66 protection classification, the Rittal AX plastic enclosures are very well suited for use in large solar farms. The housing protects the electrical components inside safely and reliably from sunlight, humidity and dust. This is how the AX plastic series meets the discerning demands that our customers place on our solutions. The tight schedule was also kept in cooperation with Rittal and Eplan.



Vienna’s Burgtheater receives a comprehensive electrical upgrade and is being fitted with a new low-voltage main distribution system in two stages, During the process, Rittal Ri4Power with 43 panels plays the main role. A provisional installation was completed in 2022, and the final system is currently ­being installed – overnight, when the curtains are closed after the performance.



The market for electric vehicles is booming in China and Audi FAW NEV Company is also building a new manufacturing site in Changchun. More than 150,000 all-electric Audi models are scheduled to roll off the production line there from the end of 2024. VX25 enclosures, plus AX/KX enclosures and Blue e+ cooling units are deployed here as are power distribution systems. A total of 20 panel builders and switchgear manufacturers from Asia and Europe were involved in the project.



Rittal enclosures are very durable, as is well known. They prove their worth again in the desert of Abu Dhabi. This is where TSS4U and VHE Industrial Automation from Eindhoven only use Rittal AX enclosures in a large-scale project. Inside the enclosures, the components for the power supply on the large gas fields are optimally protected against the temperatures, strong sunlight and aggressive sand and dust – the ultimate durability test. Only extremely robust enclosures can withstand such conditions. “We produced 1,100 enclosures in six months. For the often required heat soak test, we use a climate chamber where we imitate the temperature fluctuations in the desert: 5 degrees at night and 55 degrees during the day. Only when we are sure that the enclosure can withstand this can it be packed and delivered to the customer,” explains Niels van der Zanden from VHE Industrial automation. The two companies regularly co-operate on large international solar projects. “We supply electricity in places where there is no electricity,” explains Jan-Willem Linsen of TSS4U, which carries out numerous projects mainly for the oil and gas industry. On these huge gas fields, energy is in demand: for example, for the valves on the pipelines, the lighting and the telecommunications. Reliability is a priority here:  the power supply must work, because in the event of a system failure, the lost income quickly runs into the millions. Not only that, but the facilities are often far from civilisation, and the nearest mechanic is miles away. Jan-Willem Linsen: “Rittal is very good. It has to be, when a system is located 200 kilometres in the middle of nowhere in a sand pit. And what many people don’t know: The air in the desert is salty, just like at the sea. An enclosure made of metal would just rust away.”

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