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Crisis – so what now?

Seize the day. At the moment, there is nothing more important than surviving the crisis and if possible emerging from it stronger. To try to seize the opportunity to position yourself on the market with better solutions. In this article, we highlight what really counts and showcase companies that are making real progress with their own digital transformation.

Text Ulrich Kläsener and Hans-Robert Koch ––– Photography

To be successful, you take up specific positions and keep your foot on the gas at all times,” explains Prof. Friedhelm Loh, a passionate entrepreneur and owner of the Group that bears his name. “You’re either all in, or you stay out of it completely. Doing anything else is a huge corporate risk.” Comfort zones are a thing of the past. This has less to do with uncertainties such as pandemics, trade wars, geopolitics and economic cycles and much more to do with the digital transformation sweeping through industry. When industry is on the brink of a whole new era – as it is right now – anything is possible. This is a view shared by Bitkom, which represents Germany’s IT sector and paints a dramatic picture: “Disruptive innovations mean organisations have to be prepared to cannibalise themselves before anyone else does.”

Are there alternatives to this self-sacrifice? There certainly are – four, to be precise. Success comes from having better products in even better quality, rationalising value creation processes, putting in place future-proof IT infrastructures and ensuring data sovereignty. Companies need to question solutions and processes that have developed over years and introduce cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing measures like never before. Eplan, Rittal and German Edge Cloud aim to help their customers with this challenge as partners for the future. That is why their products and solutions are focused very clearly on industrial transformation.

The companies of the Friedhelm Loh Group offer a wide-ranging portfolio of solutions for industry and IT. This includes engineering tools and system and automation technology for integrated value creation processes in plant engineering. It also encompasses high-performance IT infrastructures that enable companies to master any IT challenge from edge to hyperscale by implementing a scalable and future-proof architecture. The latest additions include real-time capable, AI-based edge cloud applications for storing, processing and intelligently analysing production data – with the aim of retaining data sovereignty.”

Over the next few pages, we will set out exactly what all that looks like in practice. Five success factors illustrate how companies are already forging ahead with a successful digital transformation – with the full support of Eplan, Rittal and German Edge Cloud.


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