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The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

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Four times faster

At Ripploh, the data generated in the engineering department is used seamlessly to manage processes in the workshop. “The 3D planning in Eplan Pro Panel, for example, provides the data for the CNC machine used to machine panels and for fully automated wire processing.” The Wire Terminal from Rittal Automation Systems takes care of cutting, sheath-stripping, crimping and labelling the wires. 

Over the course of an eight-hour shift, this new machine can process up to 1,500 wires. And since there’s no longer any need for operator intervention once a job has been started, the Wire Terminal produces the exact same volume overnight. “Employees can remove the wires from the machine in the morning and set about installing them straight away,” says Ripploh.

 Productivity in wire processing operations is around four times higher compared to the old solution. There’s no need to have a member of staff on duty at all times to operate the machine, either. The company’s Managing Director believes the Wire Terminal offers yet another key advantage. “We can now stipulate the sequence in which the wires are processed and deposited onto the rails.”

A paperless workflow: All job slips at Ripploh are digital. Tablets provide employees with all the information they need for a job.

This functionality is very important for ensuring the efficiency of wiring operations. If, for example, the company is tasked with wiring a small series of ten enclosures, it can choose a sequence to ensure the relevant member of staff fits the same wire in every enclosure, one after the other. Since the staff member knows what he or she is doing after completing the step on the first enclosure, the work on the rest of them goes much faster. However, if a connector with five cables is to be mounted, it might be more appropriate to first fit all five cables in one enclosure before continuing to the next one. “We can therefore stipulate exactly how wiring work is to be done, which makes the process more efficient,” says Ripploh. The Wire Terminal thus seamlessly integrates into the workshop’s sophisticated workflow.

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