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Enclosures that meet the demands of digitalization
Innovation – Rittal

What makes AX and KX unique

A new chapter in the success story of compact enclosures from Rittal  is being written in Haiger – thanks to new functions within tried-and-tested systems solutions. The plant has been planned around the AX and its little brother, the KX small enclosure. By switching the compact series to the AX and KX, Rittal is opening up new perspectives for its partners with seamlessly digitalized processes within a tried-and-tested system. By introducing its AX and KX ranges, Rittal has redesigned and relaunched its entire offering of compact and small enclosures. Below, we take a look at the innovative features and the original, the AE.

Text Jan Flegelskamp ––– Photography

Rittal is opening up new opportunities for its customers and partners with digitalized processes in the Haiger plant. The compact enclosures manufactured here boast improved functions – reengineered for Industry 4.0. 

1. Flexible

Compact enclosures are known for their versatility. Their new functions, such as modular designs and optimised cut-outs and sizes, help to better utilise the space inside the enclosure. The assembly process is not only fast, but also flexible. Reducing the number of parts also simplifies logistics and warehousing.

2. Safe

Rittal is once again one step ahead with the new compact series, taking a proactive approach to safety and providing a future-proof solution. The AX and KX offer enhanced safety and security thanks to their protection classes and approvals. Using wall-mounting brackets to fix the products in place does not affect the protection category.

3. Simple

Anyone who wants to configure a new AX or KX can access high-quality 3D data easily through the Rittal website or via the Eplan Data Portal. The Rittal Configuration System and online shop are used to carry out the configuration and place an order. The smaller number of parts simplifies engineering processes. In addition, a QR code on all panels for machining supports seamless monitoring.

4. Fast

Ordering and assembly are now even faster. The new highly automated plant in Haiger, Rittal can deliver products quickly and ensures continuous availability (within 24 hours in Germany; with a step-by-step roll-out in Europe, as well). All panels are supplied loose and can be immediately machined without having to be dismantled. The AX and KX can also be assembled very quickly because the whole process is virtually tool-free.

The first and original steps aside for its successors

Rittal made industry history with the AE. Production of this first ever standard enclosure began in 1961, and the product has continued to evolve ever since. Its flexibility, combined with top quality, makes ‘the original’ the best-seller that it is – 35 million of them are currently in use worldwide. It is the forerunner to today’s AX series and has certainly passed on its ‘good genes’.

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