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RiPanel – the new enclosure configurator
Innovation – Rittal

The price is live!

In the past, system planners and designers have had to search through parts lists to work out the costs of their newly planned enclosures. The new RiPanel configurator now makes their lives a lot easier, as they can clearly see live prices and alternative options throughout the entire planning and configuration process.

Text Michael Siedenhans ––– Photography

There’s no mistaking Dimitri Kungl’s enthusiasm as he talks about his experiences with the new version of RiPanel. As an electrical engineering designer working for Lang, he has been using the configurator since December 2021 to configure and order enclosures for high-quality CNC, milling and engraving machines.

“With the new version, I can configure highly customized enclosures and I have an immediate overview of all the elements I need, right down to the last detail,” Kungl explains. He then mentions another benefit offered by the new version: “The prices are displayed clearly and immediately. That saves me a lot of time – I can order straight away with a single click.

In the past, I always had to use the parts lists to work out the prices.” The new direct price information is helping Lang achieve almost seamless production: “If I place an order today, I’ll get the order confirmation from Rittal tomorrow and then the enclosure will arrive at our premises in Hüttenberg the day after that.”


If it all sounds easy, that’s because the new version of Rittal RiPanel makes it exactly that – even though an enclosure for special mechanical engineering equipment is a complex product comprising up to a hundred elements that Kungl has to put together. In addition to the frame, base, side panels and roof, these elements also include cable systems, various cut-outs for the mounting plates, fan, signal lights and control components such as the monitor and, last but not least, the wiring plan pocket. Depending on customer needs, these holes tend to be specifically defined. When using RiPanel, they can be implemented to bespoke specifications right from the configuration stage.

Kungl can make use of predefined drilling patterns and clearly position the cut-outs he wants in 3D. This gives him a continuous and precise overview of where his cut-outs are in relation to other components of the enclosure. It takes the electrical engineer around half an hour to configure a standard enclosure using the new version of RiPanel. In the case of a more complex system, it can sometimes take up to four hours. “It all depends on the accessories we want and what other special requirements we have.”


Every year, Kungl orders up to 50 enclosures from Rittal for his company. Requirements and specifications are often unusual – and are generally highly complex, too. That’s why he, along with other system RiPanel – the new enclosure configurator planners and designers, needs a powerful configurator that can be used to design customised enclosures with ease – complete with appropriate accessories, plausibility checks to prevent errors, 3D visualisation, libraries of predefined drilling patterns and a direct link to the online shop.

Further benefits of RiPanel

- Integrated plausibility checks prevent any potential order or design errors.

- All data is stored in RiPanel and can be easily used for subsequent projects, even when modifications are required.

- The virtual prototype of the planned enclosure can be transferred to production machines such as the Perforex MT for further NC machining.

All this is exactly what the new version of RiPanel gives him: “The user interface is clearly laid out and easy to use. I have even more technical options at my fingertips and the direct price information provides great transparency. What’s more, there’s end-to-end consistency throughout the entire engineering, ordering and manufacturing process,” he comments. “Quite simply, the new version is really useful, because I can plan and configure enclosures right down to the last detail with the help of the 3D visualisations. This all means I now have an even bigger range of options,” he adds, summing up the benefits.


When Kungl is configuring an enclosure, a parts list is constantly displayed and updated, showing him the components he has selected and the total price. What’s more, it is linked to the online shop. During the configuration process, he can therefore always keep an eye on the price of his current design – not just for standard products, but for components that are to be specially manufactured and installed by Rittal, too. This makes it easier for him to decide between different options – standard or custom-made products.

All it then takes is a click to order the components he needs from the Rittal online shop and the goods are delivered within 48 hours. “What’s more, it always works – even in these times of global supply issues. Rittal quite simply has it all under control. We can depend on the enclosures being delivered on time. This is extremely important to us, because nothing in mechanical engineering can work without enclosures,” emphasises Kungl.

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