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The magazine of Friedhelm Loh Group

Ri4Power System in Detail
Innovation – Rittal

Smart Power System

Power distribution. Less copper, more power: the Ri4Power system based on the VX25 boasts numerous advantages, such as a 40 per cent higher current carrying capacity with the same bar cross-section, easier assembly and smart monitoring option


No matter whether it’s in metalworking or textile production, machine and plant engineering is booming. At the same time, more and more increasingly powerful drive technology is also being used, which means electrical energy distribution switchgear need to up their game, too. A crucial requirement for switchgear is the ability to handle higher rated currents while taking up as little space as possible. The VX25 Ri4Power system offers the perfect solution, supporting rated currents of up to 6,300 A despite the minimised cross-section of its copper bars. “In spite of the higher current intensity, no extra room is needed – quite the opposite, in fact. We have the same functionality but with 20 per cent fewer articles,” explains Jörg Kreiling, Head of Product Management for Power Distribution at Rittal. “The less copper we install, the more we can reduce costs, since copper is an expensive material,” says Kreiling, pointing out the benefits. Moreover, the systems undergo design verification in line with all relevant standards.

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