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Efficient computer centres for the energy sector
Experience – Information technology

Container data center with multi-layered security

Energy sector.ene't is the first company in Germany to map the entire German electricity grid. The end result of this in-depth work is a platform for mapping the business processes of energy providers. The company runs its operations at its site in Hückelhoven, North Rhine-Westphalia, using a high-availability container data center from Rittal. Since it hosts the entire development and productive environment of ene't, it is equipped with a multi-layered security system.

Text Sophie Bruns ––– Photography


  • Three questions to

    Three questions to

    Falk Heinen
    Project manager for information technology at ene't

    Why did ene't decide to build a new data center? CDs are becoming less popular as a data storage medium for our software solutions. Increasingly, our customers expect direct, uninterrupted online access to our servers. Our “software as a service” model ensures the databases are always up to date and secure.

    What persuaded you to opt for the solution from Rittal? Keeping up with our huge volumes of data often poses problems for classic data centers. We needed a turnkey solution, which is why we chose Rittal. From negotiating the quotation to putting the project into action, Rittal put in a sterling performance.

    What benefits does the container offer? Security and safety standards in the new data center are better across the board. That is most striking in terms of fire prevention, which has been optimised by the low-oxygen atmosphere in the container. We could never get a reduced-oxygen system like that to work in house.


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