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Rittal opens its first Application Centers

Experience value creation live

Rittal Application Centers are being launched around the world. The first was opened in Italy in January and the second in Austria. Germany or perhaps the USA will follow this year, and the next centers are already being lined up. So, what exactly are they?

Text Hans-Robert Koch ––– Photography

Combined expertise in easy reach. The Rittal Application Centers are bringing a recipe for success even closer to customers.

How can panel building and switchgear manufacturers make the leap into the world of digitalisation and automation – and how can they prepare for the future? The answers to these questions can be found at the new Rittal Application Centers (RACs). “This is where we put the spotlight on the customer and their workshop, application scenarios and processes,” says Markus Asch, CEO of Rittal International, summarising the concept. “You could call it a kind of bootcamp for switchgear manufacturers.” These are the places where existing and new customers can work with experts from Rittal to develop their projects, get to know new technologies and try these technologies out easily. Everything is done in the spirit of “Join. Apply. Grow.” “The combined expertise of Eplan, Rittal and Rittal Automation Systems is unparalleled on the market. The Rittal Application Centers take this recipe for success closer to our customers all around the world,” explains Asch.

Debuts in Italy and Austria

The first Rittal Application Center opened at the end of January in Valeggio, Italy (image above). Customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sectors were invited to the opening celebration. “We are proud to be one of five pilot projects for launching the Rittal Application Centers. The team is extremely motivated and is looking forward to the first appointments with our customers,” says Marco Villa, Managing Director of Rittal Italy. Investment in the project has been considerable. The workshop in Valeggio has been fitted out with a new Perforex MT, the Wire Terminal C10 and a new Wire Station. The second Rittal Application Center opened its doors in Vienna, Austria, in March. Another of the centres of excellence will be opened in Germany this year, at the Gera site.


Panel building and switchgear manufacturers can bring along their own projects, test the efficiency of new workflows in real workshop environments and get a first-hand look at the benefits of software solutions and automation technology. Managing directors, heads of production, enclosure fitters and planners can contribute their own very specific tasks – from engineering with Eplan software through solutions from Rittal Automation Systems to optimising the entire value chain. “Our goal is to give our customers a competitive edge and show them new development opportunities for the future,” points out the CEO.

“The Rittal Application Centers are where we put the spotlight on the customer and their workshop, application scenarios and processes.”

Markus Asch,
CEO of Rittal International and Rittal Software Systems


The Rittal Application Centers offer practical solutions for a huge range of specialist questions, such as: What are the details that really matter during the digital creation of circuit diagrams and 3D models? How can efficiency be significantly increased by the automated machining of enclosures, mounting plates and top-hat (DIN) rails? What advantages does the digital twin of an enclosure offer? What role does data maintenance play in terms of consistency in the value-creation process – from engineering and machining to cable processing and software-supported wiring? And, last but not least, questions about workflow and ergonomics are examined – from solutions in handling to in-depth process analysis.

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