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Rittal in Asia

48-hour delivery now available in China

The manufacturing industry in China is currently experiencing a historic new start. The focus is on modernisation. A key driving force for further development is the use of smart production technologies. Customers are also showing a growing appreciation of intelligent logistics services. In the third largest country on the planet, these services are becoming an increasingly important factor when it comes to boosting companies’ competitiveness and better meeting the needs of their customers.

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In China, too, Rittal is well aware of its customers’ high demands relating to logistics services. To better satisfy these requirements and become more competitive on the market, Rittal China is now offering its customers a 48-hour delivery promise.


This delivery promise – which applies within a defined sales area of four hundred kilometres around the centrally located Rittal distribution centres in China’s economic hubs of Shanghai, Tianjin, Huizhou, Changchun and Chengdu – guarantees that Rittal standard products will be delivered to customers within 48 hours of order confirmation (based on working days). Thanks to these shorter delivery times, Rittal China is enabling its customers to secure additional business opportunities.

To honour its delivery promise, the company has carried out a comprehensive upgrade of its logistics system. This involved rolling out a new logistics management system, optimising transport networks, and improving the efficiency of product storage and distribution. Standardised operating processes, cost control and digital management also ensure enhanced services for customers.

In China, Rittal offers a wide range of products and services that are geared specifically to the needs of the country’s manufacturing industry.


Thanks to transparent, traceable and intelligently managed supply chains, Rittal is not just boosting the efficiency and accuracy of logistics processes, but is also helping its customers to improve their own logistics and supply chain management. The 48-hour delivery promise of Rittal China impressively demonstrates the innovative strength of the global Rittal service concept with its systematic focus on the customer.

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