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Nationales Automuseum

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Racing from zero to a hundred in terms of popularity since it opened last year, Nationales Automuseum – The Loh Collection has become a new dream destination for car lovers and technophiles from all over the world. The museum now has a special exhibition dedicated to the legendary Ferrari brand and is also stepping up its commitment as an academic hub.

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A globally unique collection of highclass cars

S ince it opened in July 2023, the museum located in Dietzhölztal, in Central Hesse, has welcomed over 40,000 visitors from all over the world – an impressive figure that is matched by the high level of media interest. In December 2023, the museum was also presented with the FIA Founding Members’ Club Heritage Cup at the FIA Grand Gala held in Baku, Azerbaijan. This international accolade from the world of classic automobiles recognises the efforts of dedicated organisations, events and individuals to promote and preserve automotive history.

Red supercars in front of the museum’s main entrance.


Following the permanent exhibition’s winter break, the new season at the Nationales Automuseum is starting with an impressive special exhibition. “Ferrari – Masterpieces for the racetrack and road” offers a unique collection of legendary Ferraris. From prototypes of historically significant sports cars to Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 racing car, the exhibition showcases Ferrari’s diverse history. These rare cars come from the personal collection of museum founder Prof. Friedhelm Loh. “Each and every vehicle represents an important piece of automotive history and also the company’s history,” he emphasises. Promising detailed insights into nearly 80 years of Ferrari history, the exhibition brings the cars and their stories to life.

A number of exhibits with Pininfarina coachwork were made specially for royalty and business magnates. They offer an exclusive opportunity to explore this motoring history. The exhibition also focuses on Enzo Ferrari, the man who, by instilling his passion for technology and design into the company’s DNA, continuously took it to new heights.

Certified expert courses teach students a great deal about the engineering and design of classic and modern vehicles.

Opening hours and further information

Nationales Automuseum – The Loh Collection, including the New York New York restaurant and diner and the museum shop, is open from Wednesday to Sunday. You will find the exact opening hours, along with ticket prices, directions and much more besides, at


Steps to establish the museum as an academic hub are also in full swing. In collaboration with Nuertingen-Geislingen University (HfWU), it serves as a campus of the Faculty of Economics and Law under the direction of Prof. Jochen Buck. For example, the museum offers a Certified Expert for Historic Cars (CEHC) course. As part of their studies, course participants are trained as classic car appraisers. Besides gaining in-depth restoration knowledge, for instance, they also learn how to assess the history and originality of vehicles.

The Certified Expert for Car Design (CECD) course, on the other hand, is aimed at anyone who is looking for a more intensive focus on automotive design. Experts teach CECD students about the process of designing a vehicle, what disciplines this involves and how these disciplines work together. They also learn how the automotive design process of the future will be aided by artificial intelligence and why the decisive success factor in the automotive industry is no longer the product itself, but rather the user experience. So what kind of user experience does the Automuseum offer? A truly fascinating one!

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