I remember a time – not that long ago – when professionals who posted a lot in social media and had their own blogs were considered a bit strange. These people are utterly devoted to their specialist subject and share their experiences and expertise. Nowadays, the talk is of influencer hype – and they are certainly gathering serious momentum in the B2B domain, with many companies climbing on board. 

But what is inspiring this trend? Why does this kind of networking work so well? The points of contact between the expert and the customer are personal. Behind every influencer is a person. For me, this simple – and basically self-explanatory – fact is important, as it reveals why influencers and B2B sales processes harmonise so well. Anyone who wants to understand the workings of marketing in social media must always bear the principle in mind that people follow people. A network emerges between experts, people with an interest and businesses – and that is extremely valuable for all parties. 

Customers who are satisfied with the service and appreciate quality and expert knowledge will stay on board. They trust influencers’ opinions. And they value their expertise. It’s important to note that promoting one product today and switching to another tomorrow will tarnish an influencer’s credibility. Followers stay loyal if products, brands and recommendations appear repeatedly on their channel, demonstrating their benefits. 

Why do people trust B2B experts at all? Because they have common interests, influencers are approachable, and people value their authenticity and knowledge. It’s important to remember that genuine people with genuine motivation are credible.

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