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German Edge Cloud: A member of Catena-X
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The sharing of data between companies throughout the entire automotive industry value chain is set to become easier and more secure. The objective of the Catena-X initiative is to develop a uniform industry standard. Big players and SMEs alike have joined the newly founded Catena-X Automotive Network, and German Edge Cloud is amongst them.

The future of the entire German and European automotive industry is at stake. The creation of open B2B industry platforms is intended to digitalize the sharing of information between OEMs, suppliers and customers – and, by doing so, to make this process simpler and more secure, while also rolling out new, data-driven business models. Uniform industry standards are the prerequisite for this – and that’s where Catena-X comes in.


The initiative is working on creating an open, scalable network based on GAIA-X for sharing data securely between companies in the motor industry. Members such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Telekom, Robert Bosch, SAP SE, Siemens, ZF and German Edge Cloud are looking to use the B2B platform that is being set up to significantly boost the German automotive industry’s international competitiveness. The network is designed to be accessible to the European motor industry and its partners, above all also incorporating medium-sized suppliers.


The data platform is based on a sovereign infrastructure – GAIA-X – that ensures companies retain full control over any sensitive data that they share in the cloud. As the first big user industry to implement GAIA-X application scenarios, the motor industry, which is in the midst of a major upheaval, is likely to be able to draw particular benefits from the platform.


German Edge Cloud (GEC) is an industry pioneer when it comes to data protection and data sovereignty. GEC solutions support particularly data-intensive and performance- critical Industry 4.0 applications. The Friedhelm Loh Group and its subsidiary German Edge Cloud are founding members of GAIA-X. Professor Friedhelm Loh helped initiate the large-scale European project launched by Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Peter Altmaier, in the autumn of 2019.

ONCITE from German Edge Cloud is one of the products being used to ensure the necessary data sovereignty. This edge cloud data centre with industrial software applications enables real-time capable, production-related applications, while also providing a secure connection to existing cloud solutions. This means data from production and other processes in the value chain can be shared and used securely by different companies. Thereby German Edge Cloud is helping to create a secure European data infrastructure.


Technologies such as edge computing, managed cloud services, IIoT and smart MOM create the basis for the digitalization and automation solutions of German Edge Cloud for the manufacturing industry. The aim is to ensure cognitive, resilient production with data sovereignty built in.


Through its commitment to the Catena-X alliance, German Edge Cloud is aiming to forge a link between GAIA-X concepts and practical application scenarios in the automotive industry. “We’re looking to start by demonstrating the feasibility and advantages of cross-company data usage in the supply chain with initial lighthouse projects focusing on issues such as component traceability. As a medium-sized equipment supplier, we’ll also be actively transferring the concepts to SMEs on the production side,” explains Dieter Meuser, CEO Cloud & Industrial Solutions at German Edge Cloud.

“By joining the Catena-X Automotive Network, we’re taking a further key step towards establishing platform standards that apply throughout Germany and Europe for sharing data securely and creating new business models in the industry. This initiative will significantly boost the automotive sector’s international competitiveness,” adds Dr Sebastian Ritz, CEO Cloud & Edge Computing at German Edge Cloud.

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