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Process acceleration in enclosure design
Innovation – Rittal

Enclosure integration: four skills, one solution

VX25 Blue e+ integration solution. According to the Enclosure engineering 4.0” study, around 72 per cent of the time required to install an enclosure is spent on mechanical configuration and wiring. Rittal can accelerate this process thanks to an integrated cooling and enclosure solution – fully in line with the plug-and-play principle.

Text Saskia Kaufhold and Hans-Robert Koch ––– Photography

The keyword is preinstallation. Previously, enclosures and climate control units could only be delivered separately. Now, Rittal offers an integrated turnkey system that uses the plug-and-play principle. Besides making ordering easier, this also helps save precious time. Rittal delivers the system – including the door switches and cabling – fully configured, enabling the user to start configuring the interior straight away. As a result, the enclosure’s high standard of protection is maintained, which, until now, was never an easy task when installing the climate control unit on the enclosure.

Sound planning
The Eplan Data Portal creates the perfect basis for recording everything in minute detail as early as the planning stage. The online platform provides the user with a digital twin of the new solution. With the help of the Eplan Pro Panel, the virtual configuration can be mapped out in precise detail – even at the early design stage. Moreover, the Thermal Design Integration function uses different colours to display hotspots, exclusion zones dictated by ventilation requirements and an optimum climate-controlled area within the enclosure. The user receives all necessary data on the chosen articles via the Eplan Data Portal as usual. Orders can be placed quickly and easily in just a few clicks using the Rittal online shop.

Climate control
The Blue e+ cooling unit integrated into the end-to-end solution is the most efficient on the market. Blue e+ works with a hybrid comprising a compressor and passive cooling, allowing average energy savings of 75 per cent over conventional solutions. The climate control unit always generates the exact output needed for the ambient temperature. Given that users no longer need to fit the cooling unit themselves, the plug-and-play principle means risks such as faulty cut-outs are a thing of the past. Thanks to the position in the enclosure being predefined ex works, users can completely focus on the electrical engineering aspect of installation.

Always being one step ahead will be possible in the future thanks to predictive maintenance. With the plug-and-play solution, users have laid the foundations for such Industry 4.0 applications. In future, device information from the Blue e+ cooling unit can be easily stored and evaluated via the cloud. The outcome will be optimised maintenance, lower operating costs and significantly shorter down times. This is all possible thanks to the optional IoT interface of the intelligent climate control unit that can be easily integrated into a wide range of communication structures.

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